Our market research tools are determined by each client’s individual needs and customized to suit their decision-making goals. We cater primarily to nonprofit organizations and their stakeholders.

For nonprofit organizations we can help:

  • Create programs that serve the needs of communities;
  • Broaden and expand an organization’s reach into different markets;
  • Expand audience and membership numbers;
  • Determine ways to raise more money;
  • Deepen relationships with constituents through developing a clear understanding of their needs;
  • Evaluate the impact of grant-funded programs and services;
  • Help build the capacity of staff to conduct research on their own;
  • Determine whether or not a community can sustain a particular service, program, or expansion.

For other businesses, we can help:

  • Grow customer bases;
  • Broaden and expand the reach into different markets;
  • Help build capacity of staff to do research on their own;
  • Help staff members understand consumer characteristics;
  • Provide customer data to inform marketing and communication strategies

Market Research

Market research is our backbone. We use a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods to strategically extract valuable community and consumer information pertinent to an organization’s needs and future goals. We can help create the most pointed questions, implement all aspects of the research, and interpret the data to be most useful. Common research tools include: surveys, interviews, focus groups, polls, geographic data mapping, and statistical analysis.

Assessment & Planning

We help organizations gather, identify, and inventory research needs to generate the most valuable outcome and knowledge base. Through the use of interviews, surveys, thought groups, public forums, and general research, we can assess whether an organization can feasibly expand into a new market and use the assessment to build the best plan of action for moving forward.

Program Evaluation

How do you truly know if your programs are delivering? What is their impact? How are you telling that story? We use research to create metrics for measurements of change and success which help us to evaluate work. Evaluation is important for internal programming planning, potential funding questions and accountability. Clients use our evaluation services to improve their programs, report effectively to funders as well as help to leverage support of successful programs.

Feasibility Studies

If we build, show it, provide it, will they come? Will they care? When a business or organization is faced with important decisions revolving around creating a new service, product, building, or expanding into a new market, we can provide feasibility research utilizing a variety of methodologies to gather information needed to make that informed decision. Through research, we can uncover the opportunities and challenges that your organization faces for specific projects so you can prepare for them ahead of time and turn each new project into a success story.


After assessing a company’s needs we develop strategic surveys that get right to the heart of the matter, gathering the most essential information and garnering the greatest response. We conduct in-depth public opinion and community based polling through a variety of mediums, including online, mail, print media, and phone. Then, we interpret the results so each business can effectively utilize the information gathered.

Focus groups

A focus group setting of facilitated dialogue can help get below the surface, digging deep into a topic and unearthing unexpected solutions. These sessions have the potential to collect valuable stories, which can help an organization better understand perceptions and motivations for becoming engaged, along with the barriers that are keeping people away. It’s also a great setting for testing new programs and ideas before implementation. We can recruit and screen focus group participants, moderate sessions, and analyze results to get the most out of the research collected.

Geo-Demographic & Asset Mapping

Using geographic information system (GIS) software, we can gather, visualize, and analyze community and constituent data in a visual format. Through studying the patterns and trends that emerge from geographic data, we can help clients understand the populations they serve and the areas that may have the potential for expansion, among other findings.


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