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Surale Phillips

Surale started her company in 2002 after 13 years of working in arts research and consulting for a national firm. As a research specialist, her work has supported collaborative audience development projects, market studies, feasibility studies, community cultural needs assessments and plans, program evaluation, strategic plans, and national field studies. Surale works independently on projects as well as with other  consultants with specific expertise. A regular presenter on the national circuit, her recent engagements include Americans for the Arts, National Arts Marketing Project, Midwest Council on Philanthropy, Kentucky Arts Presenters, and the American Folklore Society. Surale Phillips has been on the Montana State Arts Council Cultural and Aesthetic Projects Grants Committee since 2008.

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The Mosaic Group

Mosaic Group is a strategic partner for urban marketing, polling, and events. With over 20 years experience, Mosaic Group partners ensure culturally competent communications with diverse audiences and specifically African American, Hispanic, and Caribbean consumers.



Sarah Marie Tidd

Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, and a master’s degree in statistics. Her varied statistical coursework included both theory and methods based instruction. She is knowledgeable in multiple regressions, mixed models, probability theory, mathematical statistics, sampling, experimental design, analysis of variance, statistical quality control, response surface methodology, categorical data analysis, and non-parametric statistical procedures. She taught introductory math and statistics courses as part of her graduate degree program. Sarah has done statistical consulting for with the company since 2007, and enjoys the challenges it brings.

Depending on the project we can work independently or bring in some of the best expertise in our industry to customize a team. Some of our regular partners include:

Strategic Partnerships

The Cultural Planning Group

Community Land Use Economics Group (CLUE)

Diane Mataraza

Palmer Westport Group

The Mosaic Group






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